Top Services Every College Student Should Sign Up For Today

Moving from high school to college is a difficult jump for many. You’ll go from being a senior to being a freshman. It’s not an easy hurdle, which is why there are services available that can help you move forward with ease. Getting into college is a hard part, but finding success from the start can be tough. Here are the top services that you should sign up for Today.

Spotify, Amazon Music, or Apple Music

These services are going to pay off dividends because they are streaming music websites. The pro versions allow you to get millions of tracks streaming on your phone, your computer, or tablet. As a student, mind you, you could garner a significant discount, and even bundle it with HULU television. That is correct, you could get television, and music all for a low price. If you’re not a student yet, you can use the free version until you get your college email address up and running. Instead of having to carry lots of discs, vinyl records and more, you could have millions of tracks streaming, legally, wherever you are on campus or at home.

Of all of the services, you’ll find that Spotify is best. The reason why is because it connects you to Hulu directly. However, if you don’t like Spotify, you can work with Amazon Music, Apple Music, and even Pandora pro. These are going to save you space, and will give you a lot of clear, high-fidelity music. When you’re on the go, when you’re trying to relax, or you just want to play some music, this is going to be grand.


There used to be a lot of different companies that gave you money back for shopping, but out of all of them, Ebates is the one that is still around. Believe it or not, you’re going to find that this is a page you will want to bookmark and use often. This site pays you to shop. When you shop anywhere online, no matter what you buy, you could get upwards of 20% back in cash. Some people use this for everything they purchase, and they get a check from the company monthly. They partner with a lot of sites that you’re already going to be using, so why not explore the possibilities of what could help you get a little extra money while you’re in school. You’re already going shopping, so go with this option to help you earn a little extra cash while you’re at it. You can get started and get a free $10 for signing up, and then you can build up to get paid out with relative ease.

Google’s Apps and Drive

Google has an operating system, applications, and a drive that you can use with cloud servers. What does that mean? That means that if you have an internet connection, you can have access to photos, documents, and so much more. You can even edit on the fly, and that means that you don’t have to panic if you forget your hard drive, tablet, or you lose your thumb drive. Whatever happens to your physical storage elements, you’ll find that with Google’s apps and drive, you can have them for print, download, and more.

You should also use Google Photos as part of your options. This is a solution that is stand alone and gives you a great deal of storage. In fact, at present, it will give you unlimited storage for photographs. Why not? It’s going to help you save a lot of photographs and keep them off of your phone and your computer. It’s a simple solution that can help you keep your memory free and your phone working well to take more videos, and photographs etc.

Venmo and PayPal

The two options that you will want to explore is that of Venmo and PayPal. These are connected, no doubt, but you will find that this can help you with cash straightway. This can help you share money, get paid from your parents, friends, and much more. It’s a digital service that connects to a bank account, and helps you keep your finances in order. You can also get money transferred to your bank account, pay with this as a debit card, and much more. This is an easy option to spend, receive, and use money overall. Look into these options as they will help you with financial transactions across campus, and off as well.

My Fitness Pall / Fit Bit / Online Fitness Trackers

When you’re in college, you’re going to be tempted not to be active. Many people gain weight when they are in college because they are doing a lot of sitting around and wasting time. It’s imperative that you start a healthy lifestyle. To do this, you will want to work with My Fitness Pal, which is an app that tracks your movements, and your exercise. If you don’t want that on your phone, then perhaps you can focus on getting a fitness tracker like Fit Bit. This is a solution that you can attach to your wrist, like a watch, and you could track sleep, running, heart rate, and so much more. It will remind you to move, it will track your workouts, and will help you live that healthy lifestyle.

Exploring More Options

The aforementioned are the top services that you’re going to want to pursue if you’re a college student. Sign up for these to get your routine started, and you’ll find that you can have an enjoyable time in college. These are basic services, that will give you a little bit of peace of mind. Of course, these are just basic, as there are more options to explore beyond these. Start with these, and you’ll end up with a positive experience as you transition from high school to college, and enjoy the greatness of higher education.