Ditch the Books for Some Fun Learning With Educational Kits

I was taking my morning stretches inside the warmth of my blanket when something pricked hard on the toe. Lazy that I felt I pulled the thing up slowly, not disturbing Kaira lest she woke up, only to discover the trunk of an elephant. Oh God!! I could imagine the sight of my drawing room where my girl had been playing yesterday.

While the hind legs were stuck under the center table, the tail lay wagging under the couch and a few banana leaves were strewn on the mattress. As I went around collecting pieces of the puzzle, there came a voice behind,

“Mumma, why does the sun shine so bright only in the mornings and not in the night. Now please don’t say I’m too young to understand that. I’m a big girl now”.

Was she the ‘Einstein’ in her previous births for who else would open their eyes to ask a question? I gave her one of my regular confused looks but then my kiddo had got so used to them that she brushed it off and popped her next question.

“You know what, I saw this tiny thing in the garden the other day, a greenish glow flying low over the shrubs. What is it?” and “There’s this thing called… ”

Tring rang my head with one of Bournvita’s popular commercials, ‘90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5’.

“Wait, you talk so much… It’s 9 already, I got to rush to office”. I interrupted her tirade and went straight into the kitchen, managing to overhear her murmur, “And, there you dodge my questions again!!”

45 minutes and I was in the cab, pestering the driver to zoom past the roads lest I had a late punch again, third in a week. These biometrics, I swear.

I slide through Kaira’s pictures on my phone and pondered over the questions she shot at me this morning. I can’t escape it each time and more so it was important to channelize her inquisitiveness.

I’d heard about educational kits being a constructive learning tool and a go-to thing for parents these days. Not only are they informative but are engaging as well with kids wandering their way through, understanding the subject and its dynamics. The thought had struck me each time Kaira threw one of her newest discoveries at me but where and how to get them was something I had to figure out.

Also, I had keep a check on the finance to ensure these kits came well within my budget. Though, Rohit was a little stable with his freelance projects but then we could never be sure of how much would he be able to bring in.

Whizzing through endless online portals was time consuming as you almost get lost in the flurry of products floating on them. Everything from A-Z vouch the portals but how to know where to go when you’re unsure of what would serve you best.

A loud honk and a screeching brake brought me out of the cloud into the real. Money, time crunch, nothing could be an excuse to falter on my responsibilities as a parent. I love watching her dig deep into her observations and its time I became her partner in unveiling the mysteries that clouded her brain.

My phone buzzed with my girl’s pic flashing on the screen,

“Mumma is bringing home the thing you saw glowing the other evening. Be ready!”